Welcome to the Ecolab People’s Choice Award for the 2nd Annual Celebrate Aging Film Festival

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Each year, we celebrate aging through the art of filmmaking. Our 2nd Annual Celebrate Aging Film Festival will honor Brookdale’s top senior filmmakers with an awards ceremony in Franklin, Tennessee on October 3, 2018. Enjoy these short films from our nominees, then pick your favorite for our Ecolab People’s Choice Award.

As he packs up his home, a man says goodbye while he relives the memories he shared with his wife.
Cat’s Outta the Bag
Much to the shock of their children, an elderly couple falls in love. And then there is the question of their money.
Tempest in a Teapot
A conversation over tea challenges misconceptions about aging. Inspired by “Shelved: A Memoir of Aging in America,” by resident Sue Petrovski.
Life is a Soundtrack
This film celebrates the beauty of music and its unique ability to trigger memories and touch people of all generations.
Old or Older?
Aging is a part of life, but your attitude is what determines how you live it. Will you simply “get old,” or enjoy growing older?
All These Moments
Faced with aging, a woman remembers the moments that made her who she is, and reflects on how her life has changed with age.
You Don’t Know Mr. Hall At All
A gentleman sits on a bench in front of an office building. Meanwhile, the passersby he meets reveal some startling truths about aging.
Determination Becoming Inspiration
The true story of Juanita, who after three years of relying on her wheelchair, was determined to walk and dance again.
Don’t Let Life Fly By
It’s never too late to learn how to fly a plane . . . even at 100. This short documentary follows Mary as she makes her Wish of a Lifetime a reality.
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Brookdale Senior Living Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, ethnic or national origin, sex, disability, age (as applicable), status as a covered veteran or genetic information. The opinions and stories expressed in the posted videos are those of the creators/residents and do not reflect the view of Brookdale Senior Living Inc.